Welcome to Wisdom’s Cry. My name is Charlie, and I am a nonbinary (they/them) writer, artist, and musician. This site as well as the work I do as Creation’s Paths is not here to tell you or anyone else want to think, believe, or do. This is my mystic, spiritual, artistic, and prophetic journey through the [[What is Creation Spirituality|Creation Spirituality]] tradition that I am sharing with you. I hope you find inspiration for your path. Be Blessed. This site is my journal, my thought on spirituality. Sometimes the notes and pieces are edited and polished, other times they are journal entries and rough ideas. My goal here is to be open and honest with my spiritual path in hopes of helping others with similar questions and struggles. If you want to contact me, listen to my podcast, or see my other work, check out[Creation's Paths](https://www.creationspaths.com/). ![[Abbey in the Grove]] ## The Four Paths ### The Mystic Way Also known as the Via Positiva or Positive Way is the falling in love every day with all of creation through its constituent parts. As a mystic, we practice cosmic hospitality, practice the art of savor, and live compassion to everyone and everything we encounter. ### The Spiritual Way The Spiritual Way is the path of letting go. It is also known as the Via Negativa or Negative Way. Along this path, we learn to unite our suffering with that of Christ, letting go, and emptying ourselves to listen to the still small voice. ### The Artistic Way Creativity is born from the union of the Via Positiva and the Via Negativa, where we learn to trust our images enough to ride them into being. This is the Via Creativa or Creative Way. ### The Prophetic Way A prophet is not a predictor of the future. The Word of God flows through all of us, and we are all called to interfere with injustice to the best of our ability. This is the Via Transformativa or Transformative Way. Between these four ways. This is the Wisdom Tradition or the [[What is Creation Spirituality|Creation Spirituality]] Tradition. --- ## The Three Rays ### The Purple Ray of Devotion The Way of Devotion ### The Green Ray of Nature The Truth **The Way of Nature** ### The Orange Ray of the Great Work The Life