St Valentine and our Angel

 St Valentine's Day has to be one of the Holiest Saint's Day of the year.

Holy St Valentine is the writer of the Gospel of Truth, the founder of a school of Christian doctrine that would later be condemned after he was nearly elected Pope. St Valentine was later exiled to Cyprus.

The reason he is associated with love and romance is a vestigial memory of his theology. St Valentine taught that a train of angels flowed from the risen Christ, each one made to minister to us on God's behalf and to minister to God on ours. Baptism, he taught, was the marriage ceremony where we (the bride of Christ) are wedded to our ministering angel. He further taught that unity with with heavenly being will awaken us to the reality of God and the universe.

The memory of the great holy man and his enlightened theology may have been driven from the church, but the people held onto his memory giving rise to the St Valentine's Day we know today.

`I will celebrate as I always do, by reading the Gospel of Truth, and the few fragments of his other writings that survive.