Vatican reforms the Mass?

A Medieval Mass celebrated by a bishop.I read a couple posts this morning about Vatican reforms of the Mass.  Most of which sound good:

Communion on the tongue, Consecration celebrated ad orientem (facing east) and renewed use of Latin could all be re-introduced to ordinary Sunday Masses as part of proposals put forward by the Congregation for Divine Worship (Catholic Herald Online).

I can understand the symbolic meaning of receiving the Eucharist on the tongue like the prophet Isaiah received the burning coal from the altar of heaven.  I hope they don't make this mandatory.  There should be room in the liturgy to accommodate the varieties of Catholic Spiritualities.

Facing East

I have long lamented the idea the Priest should address the congregation rather than the altar.

Having the priest face the congregation focuses their attention on the priest rather than on God or the sacrament.  I hope the Church at least allows the option to correct the orientation of the Mass.

The Latin

I have attended several Latin Masses.  For me, the use of Latin heightened the Sacred experience of the Sacrament.

I often pray in Latin.  The use of a sacred language takes us out of our daily life, and surrounds us with a fresh experience of world.  I would love to see the Latin return as an option.

Well, maybe not all


The American Catholic News Service (CNS) quoted anonymous Vatican sources as denying that proposals had been voted on at the plenary meeting. Rather, the congregation had forwarded its suggestions on the subject of Eucharistic Adoration - which had been the theme of the plenary session - to the Pope. The subject of ad orientem had never been discussed, according to the CNS source (Catholic Herald Online).

O... so they may not have recommended any of this...  Well, here's to hoping they will.