Sharing the Journey

It has been hard for me to open up about my spiritual journey.  I don't feel like I have the stature required to talk about such important things. I have to ask myself, "Where would such qualifications come from?"

As a kid, I always thought that I would go to seminary.  I would study under learned men and women, and they would give me their imprimatur.  Then I would have right to an opinion.  What an idea, having to earn the right to an opinion.

The problem boils down to the idea that spirituality is about Truth.  People mistakenly believe that preachers, priests, monks, gurus, and saints teach us Truth.  They can't.  Truth cannot.  No one can speak the Truth.

“The best things can’t be told,” because they transcend thought. “The second best are misunderstood,” because those are the thoughts that are supposed to refer to that which can’t be thought about, and one gets stuck in the thoughts.”The third best are what we talk about.”
— Heinrich Zimmer (via Joseph Campbell)
Scared Child by D Sharon Pruitt

Scared Child by D Sharon Pruitt

My job, when I share my journey, is not to pretend that I can ever talk about the best things.  I talk about the second and third best things, while trying to push forward toward the best.

It still isn't easy.  I am creative person, and want to write stories and midrashim.  These are hard to share because I don't want to put a huge disclaimer on each one.  I am afraid how people will read them and treat them, and again I see the face of my old enemy.

Fear is the mind slayer, the nemesis of creativity.  Fear is the death in the heart that brings about total isolation.  Trusting my heart to God in Christ, I must face my fears and walk through the dark valleys to the glorious eastern sunrise on the other side.

So, as I ford the rivers of fear laid out before me, I ask only that you share your journey with the same open and honest heart that I am.

The Darkness may encircle us, but the Light of God cannot be conquered.