The Word of God is...

Creative Divine Energy

God is a Word which speaks itself.
Meister Eckhart, Passion for Creation, loc 1329
Christian adaption of the 10 Sephirot by Heinrich Khunrath, 1595

Christian adaption of the 10 Sephirot by Heinrich Khunrath, 1595

We take words for granted, but we really shouldn’t.  Words define our world.  We cannot think of anything we do not have a word for.  We cannot share an experience or a thought without words.  We must reclaim the power of words.

When we first open ourselves to the Mystery of the Word of God, we need to start with the intimate power that words have in our lives.

Words make up our thought.  They shape the way we see, experience, and explain the world.  Whether we are talking about the emotions we have or the fact that it is a sunny day out, the words we choose not only express facts, they carry with them what the thing we are describing means to us.

Our spirituality is immersed in words.  We use them to teach and describe mystical truths, so the words we use are even more important.  We choose and share these words to give one another a language to share and discuss things that are, in all honesty, impossible to truly put into words.  These spiritual terms are placeholders pointing to a shared experience, and not a definition of the experience itself.

Now, think about what words meant to people before they were cheapened by texting, and Twitter, and the flood of language we steep in on a daily basis.

To the time before the printed word, the radio word, the word processor, the printing press; to a time when there was so much silence about that words still meant something significant. The spoken word, the storied word, the word that gave birth. Therefore, the word that is the divine creative energy.
Original Blessing by Matthew Fox, p 37

The Word of God is the creative power of truth that we encounter and participate with to make our world what it is.  Is a person good or bad?  It is not hard to see how this is a label we choose to apply to someone to define them for ourselves and our group.  If you look around, you will quickly discover that many people who are called good in our culture are called bad in other cultures.  Are we talking about the same person?

Yes, and no.  The power of the word means that we can select to ignore the aspects of a person we want to call good so we don't see anything that would change our mind.  This is dishonest, but it is something we often do, and need to learn to avoid, but it does show us the power of words.

Imagine how powerful the Divine Word is.  This is the Spoken Word, the Living Word, the Enacted Word.  The Word of God is the speaking of Truth, and living accordingly.  O, how our lives change, and the Power of the Word enters our life.

By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, And by the breath of His mouth all their host.
— Psalm 33:6

Physics is a reading of the Word of God.  Poetry is the voice of the Word.  The cancer patient who sets their mind, words, and deeds to defeating the disease enacts the Word of God.  Their is power and glory in the Word.

When we learn how to live, settled in the spirit we learn how to discern still, small voice (1 Kings 19:12) which guides us by Providence.  In this way, we walk in the light of the Word.

Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven.
— Psalm 119:89

The Word of God is at the heart of our faith.  When we tell the stories of our sacred history, when we pray, when we speak and act in Truth, when the world turns on its axis, and when a tree grows, these are all acts of the Word of God.  Our Faith in and Practice of this Divine Word brings us to life and opens our eyes to world as it is.  It is the eyes of Compassion through which we see the world, and the gracious hand that helps those in need.  The Word of God is the creative Word, alive and well in the world today.